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2XU is a classic Australian success story. Over the last seven years, they’ve grown from a boutique Aussie brand into the dominant high-performance compression company in the world.

The secret? It’s all down to science. 2XU proudly boast the world’s most advanced compression tech, specifically engineered to support muscle recovery, reduce fatigue and increase blood flow. They call it ‘Graded Compression’. In a pair of 2XU compression tights, for instance, the calf is more compressed than the thigh, stimulating those deep veins running back to the heart. Long story short: 2XU helps you train better and bounce back faster. They’re also comfy as hell.

These days, 2XU is worn by some of the top athletes in the world. It’s endorsed by Athletics Australia, Ironman and the Australian Institute Of Sport. You can check out our latest 2XU sales below. We’ve got a great range of 2XU compression tights and compression shorts, plus 2XU crew neck tops.

2XU is designed and tested by:

Australian Institute of Sport RMIT


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2XU Women's Mid-Rise Compression Tights - WA2864B

It’s hard to go down the shops without seeing a pair of 2XU women’s compression tights. They’re one .....

RRP $150.00 $120.00

2XU Women's Compression Tights - Black / Silver, WA4173b

2XU changed the sports tights game with their PWX Flex compression tights.The difference? Graduated .....

RRP $150.00 $120.00

2XU Women's Compression Tights - BLACK / NERO, WA4173b

2XU Compression tights bring the power of graduated compression to the sports tight market. They hav.....

RRP $150.00 $120.00

2XU Men's Compression Tights - Black / Nero, MA3849B

The 2XU Men’s Compression Tights are part of the PWX collection. They are designed for performance, .....

RRP $150.00 $120.00

2XU Women's 3/4 Mid-Rise Compression Tights - WA2865B

These premium quality Compression Tights by 2XU deliver the ultimate muscle, joint and circulation s.....

RRP $140.00 $112.00

2XU Men's Compression Shorts - MA3851b

Make most of your workouts with these men's 2XU Compression Shorts. A premium compression fabric ens.....

RRP $90.00 $72.00

2XU Men's Compression 1/2 Shorts

">Compression clothing is ideal for recovery and performance training. Compression clothing works.....

RRP $85.00 $68.00

2XU Women's Compression 5 Inch Game Day Shorts - WA4480b

SIZE CHART:  The PWX collection is crafted from premium compression fabrics. They are de.....

RRP $80.00 $64.00