2XU Women's

2XU Women's Mid-Rise Compression Tights - WA2864B

It’s hard to go down the shops without seeing a pair of 2XU women’s compression tights. They’re one .....

RRP $150.00 $120.00

2XU Women's Compression Tights - Black / Silver, WA4173b

2XU changed the sports tights game with their PWX Flex compression tights.The difference? Graduated .....

RRP $150.00 $120.00

2XU Women's Compression Tights - BLACK / NERO, WA4173b

2XU Compression tights bring the power of graduated compression to the sports tight market. They hav.....

RRP $150.00 $120.00

2XU Women's 3/4 Mid-Rise Compression Tights - WA2865B

2XU’s ¾ Mid-Rise Compression Tights offer even greater support than their standard compression tight.....

RRP $140.00 $112.00

2XU Women's Compression 5 Inch Game Day Shorts - WA4480b

SIZE CHART:  The PWX collection is crafted from premium compression fabrics designed to .....

RRP $80.00 $64.00