3 Health and Fitness Apps To Get You Prepared For Summer

3 Health and Fitness Apps To Get You Prepared For Summer

The rapid advancement in technology is revolutionising the fitness world.


For most people smartphones are an essential part of everyday life, we use them to communicate, capture, bank, navigate and even learn. For some users smartphones are becoming the ideal fitness companions, helping us achieve new goals and reach new heights. They are used to monitor workouts, track calorie consumption, motivate us into gear and even connect us with athletes around the world.  

So if you’re in need of a little more motivation, want to track your workouts in detail or even want to ditch the expensive personal trainer, take a look at these.


#1 My fitness Pal


Ever wondered how many calories in those few extra chips you ate? Now you can track what you eat thanks to My Fitness Pal. The app is extremely user friendly and allows you to track calories consumed and burned throughout the day. No need to read the back of the product packet for nutritional information, simply search the apps huge database of food and drinks.  This app truly makes calorie counting as painless as possible.


#2 Strava

Free; Premium from $6 per month or $59 per year

Are you the competitive type and always looking to better your last run or ride?  Strava uses GPS tracking to map your activity, providing you with distance, calories, time and average speed. When finished, Strava provides a detailed map of your route and provides you with an in depth analysis of your performance. I suggest giving the free version a go, as there is not much to separate it from the premium.


Check out this video for a better idea:



#3 Spotify


$9.99 per month

Enjoy listening to music while running or need a little more motivation to get you over the line? Spotify’s running feature analyses your running tempo and finds a suitable song to match. Sound stupid? I thought so too until I tried it. It really does manage to keep you motivated and help you finish those final painful kms. The downside is to access Spotify’s running mode you must have a premium subscription. Not convinced? Check out the link below:



Created Date: 2015-10-01